Third stage of extension

MABI 16-3 Rohrblitz

"Rohrblitz" or "flash tube"- the sole adequate description that fits this incredible machine for cutting flat sheets and the manufacture of insulating tubes.

Attention: The MABI 16-3 Rohrblitz is only available on request and will be a revised from MABI AG.

Straightening, cutting, punching, welting, coiling and welting for flat cut sheets and ready-to-mount tubes.


  • 50 mm set-back bead
  • Bandwidth 1250 mm
  • Foil application device


Central offices such as Hertel Isolierungen, Rotterdam in Holland and Hertel Isolierungen, Wijnegem in Belgium rely on the proven virtues of the powerful and compact MABI 16-3 "Rohrblitz", 150 of which have already been sold to well-known companies such as R&M, G&H and Bohle. As a result of its modular system, the MABI 16 is available in three levels and can be upgraded at any time. The extremely short changeover times are reasons for the success of the machine. Machining is carried out in one operation. The use of a library means that various programs can be loaded for different tube diameters. Number of holes, bead and diameter can thus be changed within seconds by means of the user interface, removing the need for time-consuming adjustments.

The machine is designed for sheet widths from 995mm to 1010mm, and also available as a 1.25 metre version, and has an automatic advance function for the beading rollers, which unlike other makes can be replaced within an extremely short time. The patented shaft bearings mean that thicker sheets can be machined than normal, yet another feature of the sturdy and compact design (1.7m x 2.4m) of the MABI 16-3. Operation of the machine is very simply presented by means of clear symbols. Tubes of small diameter, double overlapped and beaded, can be executed out of the side of the system, and tubes of large diameter are removed from the machine from above, with the additional possibility of set-back beads with teeth.