Fully automated sheet metal changer

MABI Evo Coilblitz


Fully automatic sheet metal changer for large coils (in combination with MABI 6C 1250mm), optional for:

  • MABI Bingo 2 EVO = Fully automatic
  • MABI 16-4Z EVO = Semiautomatic
  • MABI Bingo 4E EVO = Semiautomatic
  • MABI Bingo 16-Z EVO = Semiautomatic
  • MABI 3000E EVO Laser = Semiautomatic

Simple sheet changeover in seconds at the push of a button. Suitable for all MABI EVO machines. Ask for a quote without obligation.

Product award for the MABI EVO Coilblitz at the ISO 2012.