Smart Factory

Industry 4.0

Simplify your workflow.

Access the data in real time

As a sheet metal processing company faced with a growing number of product variants and shorter order times, you need a strategy to remain viable in the future. Standing still is not an option. The industry 4.0 interface comprises a collection of data that can be accessed in real time and then processed externally.

This data includes e.g. the following information:
- Which order is currently being processed
- When was the start signal sent to the controller
- When was a new processing stage activated (e.g. processing stage #2 was started 45 seconds after the program was launched)
- Info on the number of parts, number of holes and number of geometrical elements are supplied for each processing stage
- When was the program paused or even cancelled by the user
- When was the program cancelled due to an error on the controller
- When was the program successfully completed, etc. 

What benefits can be derived from it?

- Detailed analysis of the individual machines
- Which machines are being utilized and to what extent
- How many square meters of which type of sheet metal were cut in which period of time
- How long was the machine actually producing products and how long was it switched on unnecessarily

Available for the following models:

- MABI Bingo 16-Z EVO
- MABI Bingo 2 EVO