Universal Cutting Machine

MABI 3000E

Attention: The MABI 3000E (old Version) is only on request available and will be a revised from MABI AG. 

Consider the advantages:

  • Shortest delivery time
  • No dependency on other suppliers
  • Always on time
  • Lower manufacturing costs
  • Minimal stock keeping (and) high profits!

MABI 3000 E – A mature concept!

  • 7 sophisticated, computer-con-trolled cutting programs for insulating tubes and shaped parts
  • Rational manufacturing of single pieces and series
  • Clean and accurate cutting tech-nique
  • Fast Operation, repeated saving of time compared to conventional manufacturing methods
  • Assembly time shortened by a third!

MABI 3000 E - The reliable segment shears!

  • Robust construction
    Swiss quality
  • Sophisticated, yet clear design
  • Operator-friendly machine wit clear, easy-to-follow operating instructions
  • Very safe Operation due to pro ven system


Nr.DurationPiece description
12 Min. 30 Sec.Double bevelling, diameter 140 mm, 3-partite
27 Min.Double bow, diameter 340 mm, with starting- middle- and end-piece
35 Min.Double bevelling, diameter 250 mm, with supports
47 Meter/Sec.Top, input time 10 seconds, cutting speed: 7 metres per minute, no metal losses
57 Min. 15 Sec.Double bow, diameter 380mm, with starting- middle- and end-piece
65 Min.Elongated bow, diameter 340 mm, with starting- and end-piece
73 Min. 10 Sec.Double bow, diameter 100 mm, with starting- middle- and end-piece