Cap strip production

MABI Bandblitz

Lightning-fast production of cap-straps

As we all well know: for a half-shell you need 1½ minutes with a MABI cap line.

So far so good, but how long do you need for the production and adjustment of the straps? Many say far too long.

MABI’s solution: The Bandblitz

The Bandblitz is designed for the production of cap straps. It has an unwinding device which cuts the cap strap to the desired length. This unwinding device can take two straps at once.

A simple device, yet one that brings great benefits. The advantage lies in the fact that the cap closures are already punched out. Therefore, there is no longer any need for time-consuming adjustment of the cap straps.

Your advantages

  • Simple MABI operation
  • Simple changement of the material
  • Pick up of two types of material at the same time (aluminium and zinc metal)