Green technology

No CO2 emissions, no pollutant emissions, no smoke generation
Green technology

MABI is committed to environmentally friendly and sustainable production. Through the use and application of mechanical cutting systems that are protected by various patents, we achieve exactly these goals. Come and join us - and play an active part in contributing.

  • No CO₂ emissions
  • No emissions
  • No smoke development
  • Lower energy demand

Mechanical cutting systems

MABI manufactured the first cutting machines more than fifty years ago. Mechanical cutting has a number of environmental and investment advantages over laser cutting. There are no CO₂ emissions, no smoke and no fine dust for which you have to take precautions. Mechanical cutting also requires less energy than laser cutting. And there is another advantage: Aluminium offcuts can be offered to the metal trade as new material in the same way as stainless steel blades and punches at the end of their service life. These characteristics fit in perfectly with the principles of green technology. Environmentally friendly plants and production are becoming increasingly important in light of the climate debate. More and more financial institutions such as banks are choosing to stimulate green technologies with favourable interest rates. Governments are increasingly rewarding environmental investments with tax benefits. This is a trend that will still gain more importance in the climate debate. The mechanical cutting machines from MABI are available in a so-called green technology version. Huge saving opportunities have been developed in the area of energy consumption and limiting cutting losses. Especially when several machines are used simultaneously in large companies, this can result in significant savings.

Green Line beading machines

The beading machines with the "Green Line" option are characterised by a considerably reduced power requirement.

Option: Green Line
- AutoOff function
- Auto reset (back to 0)

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