Smart Factory

Data-based services for your production.

Benefit from data-based services as an opportunity to have successful and cost-effective production - also in the future. With Smart Factory, you always have the information relevant to your machine at the right time.

Join us on the way to a smart future!

Step 1: Measurement
The digital and mobile measurement system from MABI
Step 2: 3D scanning
High-speed 3D laser scanning system
Step 3: Interface
Open interface. Customized for your company.
Step 4: Monitoring
Industry 4.0 – monitor and evaluate various different data.
Step 5: Labelling
Add structure to your work processes.
ISOCOM von Com Cad
ISOCOM (Com Cad)
The interface to ISOCOM
BIM (Building Information Modeling)
BIM (Building Information Modelling)
Working with digital building information models offers new possibilities.
MABI IsoPlaner
From the site measuring sheet to production
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