Industrial Heat Power 2023

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MABI AG - Insulating machines presented at the Industrial Heat + Power 2023 in Den Bosch (NL) the new MABI Bingo 16-Z Classic. Our customers get an "all-in-one" package in the smallest possible space, including a cutting system with integrated pipe line. By using the mechanical cutting systems, we also achieve our own ambitious CO2 reduction target for our "Green Technology" efforts.

  • High-Light: The new MABI IsoPlaner... the leap from paper to the digital age practically succeeds by itself
  • Industry 4.0 - data retrieval in real time. The Industry 4.0 interface contains a collection of data that can be queried in real time and processed externally

Use data-based services as an opportunity to continue to produce successfully and cost-efficiently in the future. With MABI Smart Factory, you always have the information relevant to your machine at the right time. Walk with us into the smart future!

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