MABI 16-1 Vario

Cutting line for straightening and cutting of flat sheets

Simple cut-to-length / cross-cutting plant for straightening / cutting straight sheets

  • Compact design
  • Sheet width 914 mm - 1250 mm
  • Up to 5 cuts per minute
  • Coil engine in combination with de-coiller MABI 6C
  • Working directly from coil (small & large)
  • Cutting of stainless steel (V2A):
    From 0.5 mm till max. 0.8 mm thickness
  • Cutting aluminum, zinc sheet:
    Min. 0.5 mm up to 1.0 mm thickness
Assembly plan 1000mm Assembly plan 1250mm
  • Straightening - cutting
  • Sheet width 914 mm - 1250 mm
  • Working directly from coil (small & large)

MABI Planer

The 3D workshop planer

Plan the layout of your customized workshop by drag and drop and save or print your planning.



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