Coiling frame for large coils for the Bingo 16-Z Vario / EVO, Bingo 2 Vario / EVO, 16-4Z Vario / EVO

Coiling frame with coil drive unit

For the following machines:

  • 3000E EVO Laser
  • Bingo 4E EVO
  • Bingo 16-Z Vario / EVO
  • Bingo 2 Vario / EVO
  • 16-1 Vario / 16-2 Vario / 16-3 Vario
  • 16-4Z Vario / EVO

Product features:

  • For large rolls of sheet metal (large coils)
  • Carrying capacity: Up to 2500 kg
  • Loading by means of forklift or crane
  • Efficient sheet changeover thanks to the use of several coil dispensers
Decoiling and derolling

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