MABI 1P Rohrfix fitting piece cutting machine

The Rohrfix is the ideal solution for the efficient cutting of straight roll casings into fitting, start, middle and end pieces

1992: Premiere in Essen (the original)

The first "Rohrfix" was presented at Blech 1992 in Essen. Hans Gerber of Geralit-Iso-Systeme GmbH invented the first cutting device for fitting pieces, called "GERA ROHRFIX". Since then, well over 2000 units have been in daily use on construction sites around the world. Durability, accuracy and lightness are convincing. Just like the low price. You are buying the original - with many small details that make all the difference.

- 70% time saving
- Low weight 25 kg
- Stainless steel guide system
- Quality shears with high-strength blade for V2A
- Simple and easy handling
- Removable, unscrewable feet are easily transported in the integrated storage compartment
- Burr-free and dimensionless cut thanks to the use of a plastic guide roller and two plastic support rollers

- Cutting of fitting, start, intermediate and end pieces etc.
- Running meters from diameter 70 - 800 mm can be used
- Working width: max. 1050 mm

Materials to be processed
- Galvanized sheet metal
- Aluminum sheet
- Coarse grain

Sheet thicknesses
- Galvanized sheet up to 1.0 mm
- Aluminum sheet up to 1.0 mm
- V2A sheet up to 0.8 mm
- Coarse grain 0.20 mm - 0.30 mm
- Plastic 0.35 mm - 0.50 mm

- Height: 1.00 0 mm
- Width: 1.150 mm
- Depth: 440 mm
- Weight 25 kg

Power connection
- 230 V socket connection

- MABI 1S manual beading machine (manual)
- MABI 1SE Motorized beading machine (electric)

Machines for the construction site
MABI 1P Rohrfix fitting piece cutting machine

Developer: Hans Gerber of the company Geralit-Iso-Systeme GmbH

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