MABI 1SE Motorized beading machine

Handy beading machine with motor, including guide plate, including holder for MABI 1P

Lightweight, practical and always at hand with a flick of the wrist

The first "Rohrfix" was presented at Blech 1992 in Essen. Hans Gerber of Geralit-Iso-Systeme GmbH invented the first cutting device for fitting pieces, called "GERA ROHRFIX". Since then, well over 2000 units have been in daily use on construction sites around the world. Durability, accuracy and lightness are convincing. Just like the low price. You are buying the original - with many small details that make all the difference.

The MABI 1SE motor beading machine is a practical addition and a valuable helper in your daily work.


- Height: 360 mm
- Width: 130 mm
- Depth: 400 mm

Machine weight
- 12 kg

Power connection
- 230 V socket connection

Key data
- Speed: 135 rpm
- Foot switch right/left

Special features
- Including 2 pairs of beaded castors
- Practical to transport like a suitcase thanks to the handle

- MABI 1P Rohrfix fitting cutting machine
- MABI 1S manual beading machine (manual)

Machines for the construction site
MABI 1SE Motorized beading machine

Developer: Hans Gerber of the company Geralit-Iso-Systeme GmbH

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