MABI 3000E Classic

Universal cutting machine for the production of segmental pipes

3000E Classic - a classic with future-proof technology

Attractive trade-in offer from „old“ MABI 3000E/EL to
MABI 3000E Classic

  • Cutting of stainless steel (V2A)
    from 0.5 mm till max. 0.8 mm thickness
  • Cutting aluminum and zinc sheet:
    min. 0.5 mm up to 1.0 mm thickness
  • 12 sophisticated, computer-controlled cutting programs
  • Efficient production of individual pieces and series
  • Clean and precise cutting technology
  • Fast working method and big time savings
    compared to conventional manufacturing methods
  • Easy to operate machine with clear,
    easy to understand operator guidance
  • Order application on the screen of the machine or per import of Evo-Net-Mobile Light
  • Prepared for mobile measuring tool Evo-Net-Mobile Light
    (max. 2 users)
Range 3000E / Bingo Series Assembly plan

Green technology:
No CO2 emissions, no pollutant emissions, no smoke generation

MABI Planer

The 3D workshop planer

Plan the layout of your customized workshop by drag and drop and save or print your planning.

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