Universal cutting machine incl. cut-to-length unit, direct from coil

The uncompromising progression of the established 3000E Vario

Attractive trade-in offer from „old“ MABI Bingo to MABI 3000E EVO

  • Straight sheets (min. length 270 mm)
  • Sheet width 914 mm - 1250 mm
  • Cutting of stainless steel (V2A): Min. 0.5 mm till max. 0.8 mm thickness
  • Cutting aluminum and zinc sheet: Min. 0.5 mm up to 1.0 mm thickness
  • 1 cutting system (MABI patent)
  • Working from coil (small coil)
  • Conic punching (straight sheets)
  • Punched holes for all shapes programs,including straight sheets
  • Air-duct insulation, „color sheet“ program, „stainless steel“ program
  • Order application on the screen of the machine
  • Automatic sheet optimization (manual correction not possible)
  • Including IsoLight (1 user) - incl. updates 24 months
  • Prepared for: IsoPlaner with DirectCut (in connection with IsoLight / max. 2 users)
  • Inclusive A4 printer
  • Router for ADSL / DSL (customer access)

MABI 3000E EVO Range 3000E / Bingo Series Assembly plan

Green technology:
No CO2 emissions, no pollutant emissions, no smoke generation

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