AWI Isolatiebedrijf B.V. with new MABI Bingo 16-Z Vario

Successful switch from laser to MABI Bingo 16-Z Vario
Successful switch from laser to MABI Bingo 16-Z Vario

AWI Isolatiebedrijf has been active in insulation technology since 1998. The strengths of AWI Isolatiebedrijf lie in its flexibility and its highly qualified employees. However, the heart of the flexible production lies in the machinery. It is not without reason that the proven MABI Bingo 16-Z Vario has been used successfully again for a few weeks now.

The laser system, which was only just over a year old, was accepted by MABI in payment,as the laser technology turned out to be more complicated than expected, also because of the complicated programming. For Appie Weijs, the decision was simple: "A MABI has to go to the workshop again! Now, in addition to moulded parts, the MABI Bingo 16-Z can also be used to manufacture fully automatically ready-to-assemble pipe meters, whether from small or large coils.The programming is done in no time at all for the motivated employees, as is the quick coil change. And a big advantage: In contrast to laser technology,maintenance is child's play!

The entire MABI team would like to thank Appie Weijs and his team for the trust they have placed in us and wish the company continued success!

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