Two beading machines in one - a different swage in two seconds

Two beading machines in one – a different beading in two seconds.

The new swivelling head with its double-ended shaft reduces the time needed to change from one swaging roller to another to as little as two seconds (time needed to rotate the patented head). The swaging allowance does not have to be reset.

  • Fast, accurate setting of material allowances
  • With a weight of 80 kg, the MABI 4DS is easy to carry or transport for use on construction sites
  • Electronic, infinitely-variable speed control with a potentiometer
  • Including a few pairs of beading rollers
  • Beading rollers for the MABI "Logo" and the MABI "Clou" can also be used on the MABI "4DS".


  • Potentiometer in the foot pedal
  • Pneumatic advance (instead of a hand crank)
  • Base for increasing the MABI 4DS by 105 mm
  • We can manufacture special swaging rolls if required.
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