Step 2: 3D scanning

High-speed 3D laser scanning system
MABI Evo-Net-Scan

A high-speed 3D laser scanning system for referencing, linking and refining scanned and BIM data directly at the construction site. We recommend using one of the most successful 3D scanning systems available on the market: the Trimble X7.

Fully register and compare the individual scans at the construction site and record images, comments and local coordinates. The result is a point cloud containing all details and information that can still be checked on site and is ready to export in standard file formats. Your benefit: You can also access and read the data later on in the office.

Absolute reliability for all scanning processes thanks to the first smart automatic calibration system in the sector. It ensures you can work productively without any enforced breaks and expensive service times.

Further information is available here.

What is BIM?

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is used for the development and operation of buildings using digital data that can be accessed by all of the people involved in the construction process.

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