Step 5: Labelling

Add structure to your work processes.
Add structure to your work processes

Use QR codes/barcodes on labels for clear labelling and identification. Essential for rational further processing.
Add structure to your work processes from the collection of the data right through to billing:

  1. Freely configure your own item numbers based on your specifications with the Evo-Net Item Generator.
  2. Export the data based on the item number to Excel or your ERP system.
Dymo LabelWriter 450 label printer

The LabelWriter™ 450 is the most efficient solution for your professional requirements in the areas of labelling, storage and delivery. It also helps you to save time and money. Simply connect a LabelWriter™ 450 to your MABI and get started.

Suitable for the following machines:

DymoLabel 99012

DymoLabel 11354

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